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strength of the effect.

we believed in the power of influence,

With this belief, we started our journey in 2011.

together with our influence leader,

first impressed, 

from nature, technology, new ideas and change

we developed as we were influenced, we changed as we developed,

then we impressed

We influenced the ideas of our business partners, mwe added value behind

with the effect of happiness on the faces of our business partners.we've improved so much

These happinesses were the harbinger of going on a long journey.

We know that more than reaching conclusions

it is the memories of the journey we spent with pleasure that make us happy

Now it's time to travel! , 

Our influence leader.

Serdar Burkan.png

serdar burkan

He started his entrepreneurial adventure at the age of 21 to make an impact. 

continues to produce and influence.

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